Sunday, August 17, 2008

Body of Abducted Store Clerk Found

DALLAS — Authorities in Texas say a body found in a remote area has been identified as the clerk whose abduction in a small town store was recorded by security cameras.

Mindy Daffern, 46, had been missing since Friday from the store her family owns in the city of Scotland, 130 miles northwest of Dallas. Surveillance footage last showed her being confronted at gunpoint by an unmasked man who walked her outside the store.

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A man suspected in the videotaped abduction led investigators to the body Saturday. Texas Rangers confirmed it was Daffern, Archer County Sheriff Ed Daniels said Sunday.

Wallace Bowman Jr., 30, of Bowie, was expected to be charged with capital murder in the next few days. Bowman currently faces charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping. He was being held in the Archer County Jail in lieu of a $3 million bond and did not have an attorney, Daniels said.

Daffern's body was found in a remote area near the town of Sunset in neighboring Montague County. Investigators were awaiting on an autopsy report, Daniels said."

In summary, he walks in, casual as can be, pulls a gun, and follows her out the store. Drives a short distance away and leaves her dead.

Back when I had a hand in teaching both men and women how to survive such an encounter, the single most important thing we'd tell the youngsters in school circles...after drawing your own gun and shooting the sumbitch in the face... was to run. Do NOT get in anyone's car. Chances are you will be killed if you do so, but a moving target at least stands a chance. The BEST thing is of course to go about your daily work armed, but convenience stores aren't allowing workers to pack, nor is Disney for that matter, so do the best you can to divert his attention for even a moment, then boogie. Had this woman made it outside, she could have flagged down a passing motorist or two and might be alive now.

She didn't, she isn't.

Do NOT, ever, never, in a scazillion years, listen to the police and just "give them what they want". What they want is for you to die. Every man, woman, and child who became missing then turned up dead did so because they decided to surrender, and hope for the best. The best simply will not happen. From the moment a weapon is pointed at you, you are the walking deceased. Don't make it any easier for him. There's a damned good reason they ALL say to be quiet and act natural.

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