Tuesday, August 19, 2008


"Two female cops were busted for punching, kicking and pistol-whipping a Bronx driver until his head cracked open - just beacuse (sic) he refused to close a car doo (sic) blocking their path, authorities said yesterday.

Michelle Anglin 37, and Koleen Robinson, 24, were stripped of their shields and service weapons, and slapped with a laundry list of charges topped by gang assault, authorities said.

"I'm not feeling so well right now," said driver Marlon Smith, 35, a father of three who needed 25 staples to close three gashes in his head.

Smith's brutal encounter with the cops - who both work out of Bronx Transit District 12 - took place Saturday, authorities said.

Robinson, driving her black Chevy Suburban with Anglin, pulled alongside Smith's parked car on White Plains Road at East 218th Street in the Williamsbridge section.

Apparently angry over Smith's open driver-side door blocking their way, one of the women yelled, "Close the door you f- -ing a- -hole!" according to a criminal complaint.

"What?" a stunned Smith asked.

The cop repeated the profanity, and Smith shot back, "You are a f- - -ing bitch!"

The cops then walked up to Smith and Anglin sprayed him with Mace. He got out and grabbed the cop, but Robinson started pummeling him, the complaint charges.

"Do you know who you are f- - -ing with? We are the police!" one of the officers shouted.

After a good Samaritan intervened, Robinson started belting Smith with a baton, according to the court papers.

Smith grabbed the baton before Anglin hit him with a gun, the papers say.

When one of the women pointed her gun at his face, uniformed officers arrived and arrested the duo.

The beating victim, who has headaches, blurred vision and swelling on his face, said he was warned by Internal Affairs cops to keep his mouth shut."

For a moment, pay little attention to the misspellings and horrid writing, in order to focus upon the gist of the matter. The single reason these officers didn't get away with it is because they obviously didn't have anywhere near enough juice downtown to make it go away. Usually, and I've seen it happen often enough to be reasonably certain, arriving cops separate the battling parties and warn the civilian that bringing charges is a bad, really bad, move. If the civvy hasn't the juice he forgets it ever happened and moves on. But if enough witnesses cannot be cowed and the cop or cops in question don't have a godfather, then it hits the papers and justice is done.

Okay. Now you can go back to the misspellings and horrid writing.

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