Sunday, August 24, 2008

China Takes The Gold

Last I checked, we'd won more overall medals, but the chinamen and chinawomen won 7 or 8 more gold.


Basically, their tumblers and divers were hard to beat. Difficult for people from developed countries, particularly those over the age of 15, to compete in games...not sports, tumbling and jumping into the water aren't sports...against pre-pubescent children. Games and sports where the contestants actually physically meet one another is where we, and for that matter most of the first-world countries, shine. At least at the world-class level. Had our girl and boy acrobats not spit the bit, then who knows.

We might have stolen all of china's thunder. Not that I watched much of the Olympics. It's pretty much turned into a for-women-only viewing event. Would have liked to have seen the Sumo Wrestlers though.

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