Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fickle Fay Floods Florida


Just South of us they've had over 30 inches of rain today, courtesy of Tropical Storm Fay Raye. We, on the other hand, are far better off with only a mere 20 inches plus.

It rained straight through July, with the Fits All-Purpose Rain Gauge And Astrological Projections Thingamajig showing 34 inches for last month. August has been less wet, by half, but no matter how much precipitation we endure, they...and by they the politicians and weather sissies, will be caterwauling DROUGHT to all comers. Fact of the matter is it can be coming down cats and dogs on one block and the next street over will be posting UV danger warnings. Fine fodder for the doomers and gloomers to cherrypick whichever end of life as we know it scenario they want.

Anyways, should I disappear for a time it most certainly be caused by one or two things.

The spiderweb that passes for power lines in these parts has given up the ghost, or, the Smyrna Undocumented Militia will have made good on their promise of invading Hogtown to steal our colors and I went down defending the ship.

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