Sunday, August 24, 2008

.40-Caliber Glock Used in Slaying of Oklahoma Girls

Lots of folks have been blogging about this particular story, as it is a good example of what happens when the Yellowstream Media teams up with cops gone wild.

It was a .40-caliber Glock.

"In their latest effort to solve a double-murder that thus far has neither motive nor suspects, Oklahoma police have revealed the make of one of the weapons used to kill two young girls on a country road nearly 10 weeks ago.

Police say two guns were used to kill 13-year-old Taylor Paschal-Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Jade Whitaker as they took an afternoon walk down County Line Road in Okfuskee County on June 8. It's a "brutal and deliberate" crime that has stymied investigators in this rural area 70 miles south of Tulsa.

"Since we don't have a motive, we just can't look in one direction for a certain person," Jessica Brown, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, told "It's wide open."

In a state that doesn't require gun registration, officials have had to canvas local pawn shops to check sales records for Glocks. They compiled a list of 60 gun owners and tested the weapons of about 40 last weekend. But they still need to test more."

For the record, most states don't require gun registration, but you'd hardly know it given Miz Sara Bonisteel of Fox News' propensity to fudge in order to agree with the cops and their desire to disarm us.

"Here's the only way it's going to help us probably, if someone just bought a gun or they loaned it to someone recently right before the homicides and got it back," Brown said.

Officials said they were checking up with the remaining 20 gun owners to see why they chose not to have their weapons tested. "We just want people to cooperate so we can find this weapon, and then the person who had it in his hand," Brown said."

Gangbanger(s) did a drive-by, and so the police want, of course, for the innocent to disregard their rights and give them something to do while they await a confession. Make-work, while hoping to stumble upon the facts.

They're probably thinking it was a GLOCK from the striker indentation on the brass...if they found any...or the polygonal rifling on the retrieved rounds. Hard enough to tell a .40 from a .357 SIG or even a big .38 Special round, regardless of what the crime shows would have you believe. STILL doesn't mean it was from a GLOCK, but since GLOCK makes 5 different .40 caliber semi-automatics they could narrow it down by...


Travesty #1 was when the animal did cold blooded murder. #2 is these Keystoner's fumbling around in the dark, and why confuse them even more.

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