Monday, February 14, 2011

All Hands...Special Cutlery Corner News...All Hands...

Now I know this is going to be perhaps too exciting for most to bear, but reluctantly I'm passing the news along anyway.

On Monday, March 7, Cutlery Corner will be broadcasting on the ION Network beginning at 12:30 PM. No one on the show happened to know what day of the week March 7 was, but I looked it up so there. Todd and his cronies were braggin' on how much it was going to cost in order to present the program during the daylight hours, but they were lying as usual because all ION does during the day is broadcast one infomercial after another. So James A. Frost kicked off the AB-BLASTER for a day, whoop-dee-frickin'-do.

Thing is, most of his stupid-ass loyal followers will take this as yet another sign that Big Jim is looking out for them, but if you can't TiVo or DVR the bloody thing during the overnight hours what's the big difference in not being able to TiVo it during the day when most of the customers will be working? Us retired folk don't really care when we get to laugh at these grifters, but one thing is a stone cold guaran-frickin'-tee...

Jolly Fat Jim and Stutterin' Toddy and Alzheimer Tommy and Man-Hands Sheila will be boasting about how they broke the ION record for programming during that time slot.

I might even be tempted to place yet another order, even though I'm banned.

So circle your wagons calendars folks. Big Jee-am (Jim) has done it a-gee-an (again).

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