Monday, February 07, 2011

Ignoring the Answer in Plain Sight

The title of the Washington Post story poses a timely question of great importance: "Why does Fresno have thousands of job openings - and high unemployment?"

One of the principal causes of Fresno's predicament is censored. Remarkably enough, he spirits it away despite the fact that it has caused the greatest economic damage to that state and represents a growing danger to the nation as a whole. As data show, the once Golden State, the dream-turned-nightmare of America's future, currently has the sixth-highest income disparity in the nation, worse than Mississippi's in 1970, and a state that once had one the seventh most educated workforce in the nation now ranks 50th, dead last.

This happened as the share of California's population comprised of immigrants (legal and illegal) tripled from 1970 to 2008, growing from 9 percent to 27 percent. Unchecked, this colossal drag on the economy has the capacity to undermine American global economic competitiveness. No matter how self-evident, it is conspicuous in the Post story only by its absence. The refusal to mention it suggests willful blindness verging on the irrational. If the Post's commitment to certain cherished socio-political myths weren't so absolute this factor might at least have been mentioned, even as a secondary or tertiary contributor to Fresno's problem. But any mention appears to be impermissible: it would constitute a sacrilege by affronting the political correctness that is the Post's ersatz religion. "

What results from self-censorship is incompetent journalism. This embarrassingly shoddy article curiously mirrors Fresno's situation. The journalist who wrote the story and the paper for which it was written are too ideologically blinkered to get it right. In other words, ideological constraints have dumbed-down a journalist and made him unable to answer his own question. The same constraints have so lowered the standards of one of the nation's newspapers of record that it publishes a story with a gigantic, gaping omission at its center: one that's metaphorically setting off bells, whistles, sirens, and flashing red lights. Like Fresno's workers, the Post can't handle a job that requires advanced skills; it is simply not up to the task. The only consolation its author may find is that no illegal alien is likely to take his job.

Yep. California ranks 50th with regards to genuine education...shame they cannot shuffle the numbers to include "student athletes" who attend campus extensions that do nothing more than hand out diplomas...and things aren't getting better any time soon.

There's a reason all despotic cultures favor unemployment and low literacy rates. It keeps the people angry, and angry uneducated people will believe most anything (global warming, cough) and vote for the most pie in the sky.

And certainly a dumbed-down electorate means a similarly proficient mainstream media. In  order to publish  illogical 'facts' each and every day, newspapers and radio and television must either be staffed by total morons or simply not very good at making up boldfaced lies, at least to the folks who can still read and write. Fiction writing is quite different from news reporting and virtually all of the young 'uns entering the media find themselves not only unprepared to make things up at the drop of a hat, but lacking the talent to spin from whole cloth.

The article goes on to shine the light on another liberal canard; Over three-quarters of the illegal immigrants in the US have no high school education, and most of the ones who have received theirs from terrible school systems. Perhaps the greatest impediment of all, they can neither speak nor understand English even using the watered down definitions of what "fluent" used to mean, and are sent on job interviews lacking even the basics. 

Knowing all of this and a bag of chips, liberals continue to act perplexed at why Pedro can't get a good job. Sure, so okay maybe he won't be another James Earl Jones but isn't knowing when to shake or nod your head just as important? Must be those damned big-businesses wanting to keep him down!

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