Friday, February 25, 2011

Dumb Teachers ALWAYS Means Dumb Kids Who Then Become Dumb Teachers Who Then...

 Wisconsin union backers defame Virginia, flunk basic math, spread false factoids, and as far as we can tell, do not use near enough deodorant...

Wisconsin is one of the most heavily-taxed states in the country, and its government employees are paid much better than the state’s taxpayers.   

Even if the Wisconsin governor’s proposed restrictions on collective bargaining and restrictions on employee benefits become law, Wisconsin government employees will still be paid better than in most states, and have more collective bargaining rights than in many states – like in the states of Virginia, Georgia, Texas, and the Carolinas, where collective bargaining by government employees is banned.  They will also have less work to do than employees in other Midwestern states like Indiana, which have far fewer public employees per capita.

It’s also not true that “tea baggers” or “right-wing Republicans” are responsible for Virginia’s ban on collective bargaining in government agencies. As Edwards notes, Virginia’s ban is contained in a 1993 law signed into law by a Democratic governor (with bipartisan support)."

Wisconsin teachers needing help in understanding basic math and English are encouraged to contact someone smarter for remedial assistance. In the meantime, please try understanding the following: There is NO MONEY to pay you what you wish to be paid. Not only is that a fact, but in order to right many years of giveaways that would make a potentate blush, teachers and other lazy people are going to have to take LESS and learn to live with it. This is not a joke, or a fairy tale. Grownups refer to it as REALITY.

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