Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Florida Continuing To Fight Off Firearms Preemption Violations

Senate Bill 402, introduced by state Senator Joe Negron (R-28), was heard today, February 8 in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee.  SB 402 PASSED by a vote of 3 to 2.

SB 402 would provide penalties for government officials, local governments and agencies that willfully and knowingly violate the state firearms preemption law. There are no penalties currently in the law.

Certain liberal municipalities...can you say 'Miami' and/or 'Jacksonville'...have been trying to put together their own set of laws regarding firearms. Just like in the bad old days, liberals are doing everything in their power to create a sub-race of humanity, one beholding to the government for everything up to and including personal defense. 

The fact that negroes and hispanic peoples can go out, any day of the week, mind you, and buy a firearm appalls the liberal mindset to distraction; which is why everywhere negroes and hispanics make up a big chunk of the population...all over the country, not just in Florida...liberals are certain to enact severe penalties for their believing themselves to be free men. To liberals, you see, slavery never really ended it just learned how to hide behind laws designed to keep folks chained to the governments wishes.

Luckily for us here in Florida, the majority of us are men of good will and rush to stop the slavers who revel in the thought of capturing then chaining negroes and hispanics who've made the mistake of crossing over into a different county...with...gasp...a gun.

Telling these modern day slavers that they cannot do such dastardly deeds is one thing, but attaching severe penalties to their felonious works is another, so for some of the more egregious instances we're attempting to tack on a $4 million dollar fine for the municipality that passes then enforces such "laws".

Even in good financial times $4 million smackeroos isn't anything to laugh at, and in today's reality is a fine that would be devastating to these present day plantation overseer wannabees. 

We'll let you know how this all works out when it works out.

The above highlighted information was sent to me via an NRA emailing and I tried but couldn't find anywhere on the NRA legal site from which to generate a link so you'll just have to believe me on this one.

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