Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Republicans On The March...

Republicans are on the march in Congress.  Late last week, House Republicans passed a budget bill containing $61 billion in cuts.  It's not the $100 billion that conservatives aimed for, but it's substantial and can be considered a down payment.  The House Republican proposal now goes to the Senate.  The budget process wrangling is just in its first phase.  Moving forward, the GOP will have multiple opportunities to push more cuts. 
And look what else House Republicans are doing.  They're using the budget process to hamstring Obamacare by denying it funding.  Shutting down and then nixing ObamaCare would be an historic victory in the fight to end liberalism's nearly hundred-year dominance; it would be one of those critical turning points in history -- like Vicksburg and Gettysburg -- a momentum shifter that leads to other key victories, such as entitlements reform.

Also, Indiana Republican Mike Pence offered and passed an amendment cutting funding for the odious abortion mill called Planned Parenthood.  Another amendment, offered by Oregon Republican Greg Walden, that passed, chokes off funds for the Federal Communications Commission's net-neutrality gambit.  Net -neutrality would concentrate more power in the FCC's hands and stymie free speech across the internet.  Net-neutrality could well have been made in China. 

Of course, the revolution just beginning isn't confined to the Halls of Congress.  Chris Christie* (spit), New Jersey's intrepid Republican governor, fired the first shots last year in the burgeoning struggle to bring sanity back to state affairs.  Christie's efforts aren't limited to balancing state budgets and reining in taxes, important as those things are.  Christie is working to limit government and expand the playing field for the private sector.  As we're seeing, government without proper limits is a ruinous beast.  California is a prime example.     

Now newly elected Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making headlines because he dares to say that his state is broke and that the public employees' gravy train needs to end.  Governor Walker wants to end collective bargaining for public employees, excepting police and firefighters, on the simple, common sense premise that employees shouldn't be negotiating the hours they work, among other things. 

In Ohio, Governor John Kasich is gearing up to slash budgets, rollback taxes, cut regulations, and confront the Buckeye State's public employee unions.  There'll be fireworks aplenty in Columbus.
All this is good and well but never forget how beholding Ma and Pa Kettle are to the Mainstream (spit) Media. Which of course is totally on the side of those poor teachers who are starving in a van down by the river. One of the biggest reasons we're in this mess to begin with is Mammy and Pappy's need to stride the fence and cringe whenever real men decide to call a halt to the proceedings. Already there's rumblings of compromise, meaning of course that you just forget whatever it is that you stand for and let the other side...namely the badguys...win.

Throughout history, no one who has EVER been right has had to compromise.

* Republican Governor Rick Scott has said that he'll gladly sign any bill from the Florida legislature that legalizes open-carry.

Republican in name only Chris Christie (spit) has said that there will never be concealed carry for the common person, EVER, in New Jersey. 

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