Monday, February 28, 2011

The Meek ARE Inheriting The Earth

Was having a look around the web for a Sten Gun magazine and happened upon the following from J&G Sales:

California- No mags over 10rds without a high-cap mag permit.
Hawaii- No handgun mags over 10rds.
Massachusetts- No mags over 10rds.
Maryland- No mags over 20rds.
New Jersey- No mags over 15rds.
New York- No mags over 10rds made after 1994 (i.e. none marked Law Enforcement only).
Chicago-No mags over 10rds.
Washington DC- No mags over 10rds.

Not that I wasn't aware of such shenanigans, but seeing it like that sent a shiver down my back. Permission to buy a magazine. Imagine that. Men can actually live in a place they're forced to meekly ask permission from their masters. To exercise a right. Permission. Now, Hawaii is for savages; Massachusetts too for that matter, and Jersey is run by some fat bastard who has the rubes fooled. Mary's Land is occupied by Mary's, D.C. by crooks, and Chicago and NYC by lefties who sent anyone with stones packing a long time ago. But the left coast was supposed to be a fresh start for the adventurous. Ha.

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