Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Crack Shots Of The NYPD

Over the past 10 years, (NYC) city cops fired 4,702 bullets, accidentally pulled the trigger 323 times, and missed 78 percent of their intended targets, according to data The Post culled from a decade's worth of NYPD annual firearm-discharge reports.

Referring to a negligent discharge as an 'accident' is one of the steps in removing blame from professionals who should know better. Keeping an uncaring media and uneducated public from understanding the difference between the two completes the fantasy that only super-dee-duper special people, with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, can ever be the ones graced with the extraordinary right to keep and bear arms.

In dirty places like NYC, such delusions eventually become commonplace and a new species of homo sapien is born to do as they damned well please. Hollywood then adds the special effects necessary to keep the rubes believing such delusions, and before you know it every last big city in the known universe enacts different sets of rules for those gifted individuals.

They ain't special or different or even a bag of chips. Then again, if you're reading this you probably knew all that anyway.

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