Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama Versus The Constitution...

Even though a federal court has ruled his law completely void, he (Barack Hussein) continues to implement new regulations. The Obama Administration has not even taken the basic step asking the courts for a stay of that decision. Instead it is as if the court decision doesn’t exist or didn’t even take place.

“The problem is that the executive branch has no power to implement regulations based on voided legislation,” says Bill Wilson, president of ALG. “These actions are explicitly barred by Judge Vinson’s ruling.”
America’s leaders going beyond the legal bounds of the Constitution should be no small matter. ALG’s Wilson had hoped more states would fight against the implementation of the health care law and even sent a letter to governors involved in the Virginia and Florida lawsuits urging them to return to court and stop Obama from further advancing his law.

History has proved that more government involvement and instances of pushing beyond the limits of the Constitution result in unnecessary government spending and if it continues will very soon bury America under a mountain of debt so deep there will be no hope for recovery.

“Obama must cease and desist from all implementation of this defunct law,” ALG’s Wilson states. “To waste taxpayer money putting something into effect that has been found to be unconstitutional is a dereliction of duty.”
Past Presidents have gotten away with it, will Obama as well?

For the sake of America, the judicial branch and powers of the state need to be made equal again to Congress and the President. Otherwise these current years will go down in history as when America voided out the Constitution for the sake of a health care law.

I've seen plenty of politicians and even some sheriff's who believed themselves to be above the law, but most had the good graces to give lip service to what is inherently right or wrong. "Politician" is derived from the Latin phrase "low-life scumdog feeding off the nation's teat", and "sheriff" comes from the Old English description for "gall bladder infection". Terrible people all, yet possessing a modicum of civility and understanding of when to at least look embarrassed.

Not so with Boy Barry. Disgraced his oath, disgraced his office, and is forever attempting to disgrace America, all with a straight and haughty face.

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