Monday, February 28, 2011

How Shocking! "Ted Kennedy Rented Brothel In Latin America"

The late Sen. Ted Kennedy arranged to "rent" a brothel for a night while on a visit to Chile and other Latin American countries decades ago, according to a 1961 State Department memo obtained and published by the watchdog group Judicial Watch. 

Also included in the file was a 1963 memo, first published by Judicial Watch in September, that described an effort by Kennedy and brother Robert, the attorney general, to secure a visa for Katalin Karady, a "former Hungarian actress of unsavory reputation." The memo detailed a host of allegations against Karady, including suspicion she was a "communist collaborator," a prostitute and the fiancee of a Hungarian Nazi operative during World War II. The former actress was living in Brazil at the time and denied communist and Nazi connections. After intervention from the Kennedy brothers, she received a visa. 

At least Bobby was prevented from doing any more harm, and yep, the guy who put the hit on Marilyn Monroe deserved everything he got and then some. That was the Kennedy badge of dishonor. Killing women. And of course inviting every living lefty over for coffee and flag-spitting.

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