Monday, February 21, 2011

Wish Us Luck

So here's the deal. Come Tuesday, the Florida senate will begin deliberation on Senate Bill 234. 

The bill will create A) open-carry for anyone in possession of a Concealed Weapon Permit. B) Remove the prohibition of carrying on college campuses. C) Tidy up the weapons-in-vehicle parking lot law, and allow the purchase of long guns from other states without an act of Congress. Too little freedom, too much paperwork, too many uninformed members of law enforcement, equals a chinese fire drill of epic proportions and Bill 234 will address some of these issues.

Basically, if a cop sees a bulge in your shirt and that bulge covers a firearm he can write you up for open carry, and while it doesn't happen all that often once is once too much, so allowing open-carry will put that bad actor to rest. The current law says that concealed-carry means carrying in a manner to conceal, and since using a word to define itself is flat out stupid and the original framers of the law thought police would simply employ common sense, we want want everyone to land together on planet earth. Understanding that if it isn't spelled out in no uncertain terms, some cop, some where, will take it upon himself to lock up an innocent man.

This has been a time consuming endeavor but worth every last second of angst. Between me and you, I don't think we'll get the whole nine yards but open-carry would be a damned good start.

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