Sunday, February 13, 2011

"B.H. Obama: Shameless Imperialist"

We’ve just watched Obama commit an act of imperialistic aggression against a peaceful sovereign state. Mubarak’s Egypt threatened no one. It was the great pillar of stability in the Middle East for thirty years. Its government was far more civilized than Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and fifty other corrupt and tyrannical members of the United Nations.
Obama’s whole spiel to the Left has been that he is an anti-colonial socialist; that’s why he wrote Dreams from My Father. Obama Sr. was a big anti-colonialist. Obama has claimed (at various times) to be the new Nelson Mandela, as well as the new Abe Lincoln, and most recently, the new Ronald Reagan. 

Obama’s ego is Napoleonic. He needs to expand his power without limits. That’s the nature of malignant narcissism.
Civilized and democratic peoples suffer when Napoleonic characters take power. We can’t see the end game yet. This might or might not end in a major war or worse. But we have a riverboat gambler running the ship of state, and he loves to play with the power of “audacity.”
That was Napoleon’s motto: “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’laudace.” Which worked fine for Napoleon’s field marshals, but not so well for all the defeated peoples of Europe and the Middle East. And in the end, Napoleon’s audacity died in the snows of the Russian winter.
With the radical Obama administration, the United States has now embarked on a perilous course. Instead of keeping the dominoes from toppling, Obama is malignantly pushing them into the arms of Islamic radicals. That kind of gamble has never before worked to the betterment of humanity.
On the contrary: It has always led to disaster before.
Whether Obama the magic trickster can now pull it off in the nuclearizing Middle East is very doubtful, and therefore very dangerous.
Israel will soon be fighting yet another war against radical islam, but this time around won't be able to rely upon the United States for help.

The Jews will (probably) win. They've got better generals and better weapon systems than their enemies, but at the end of the day logistics always trumps tactics and I flat out do not know if they've the reserves to go toe to toe with so many foes.

The one who does know is Barack Hussein. That's why there is reason to worry. The man is the most deranged egotistical maniac since Napoleon and all bets are off when it comes to figuring out what he'll want his legacy to be.

A stronger America? Not a chance. Israel handed to the arab world on a silver platter? Maybe.

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