Thursday, February 03, 2011

Yippee Ya'll It's Time For The Frost Valentine Special...

"..well now Little Mary reminded to me that this tahm (time) of the year was our best year last year and to celebrate this tahm (time) of the year we're gonna be givin' 'way a pink Katana. And we'll be havin' us a yeller (yellow) knaafh (knife), a yeller (yellow) Trapper, give' in away too..." James A. Frost.

"Little Mary" is an unfortunate, mildly retarded young lady, that Jim Frost takes advantage of to make a jerk out of herself and have folks laugh at, rather than with, her antics.

And, much to my dismay, old Toddy Boy Boone isn't tapping his papers on the table as the show begins. Dammit. He can't totally control himself so he just sort of shuffles them to do something with his hands. I truly hope I'm wrong but this is usually indicative of a cocaine problem, or the abuse of some other sort of illegal substance that turns people insane. Well, more insane. Does make sense though. 

And the set was gaily...and I do mean gaily...decorated with all sorts of Valentine's Day fixin's and hangin's and geegaw-gery. Just what we all think about come Valentine's Day. Cheap, pot-metal knives from China. Makes a feller wanna tear up it does. Then again, let's just hope that Big Jim doesn't git too all excited like and start flashin' his Tallywhacker again.

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