Saturday, February 05, 2011



Well actually the name of the show is Top Shot. On the History Channel. Usually I can't stand these make believe reality/who can be luckier cheap programs offered by cable, but this one caught my eye as I was doing the full frontal channel flip thing.

Someone I'd known online. Someone you may very well know too. One of the shooting contestants on the show that pits man, and even one woman, against the vagaries of trick shooting. Not just who happens to be the better they feature knife-throwing and slingshots and bows...but basically who gets the better breaks first. Many of the really good shooters were eliminated for one silly reason or another, except for the familiar fellow who turned out to be as much of a jerk as I pegged him to be while interfacing online. He lost fair and square, after alienating enough people who may have eventually turned a firearm on him just to send him on his way back home.

They called him 'rat'. Little creepy 'rat'. Someone devoid of honor. A squealing little turncoat rat. If you know of whom I am speaking, then drop a line in the comment section.

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