Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Is Over So It's Time To "Commemorate" Something Or SomeONE Else...

Cutlery Corner began celebrating Valentines Day 2 weeks before the fact, and I was curious as to what they'd replace that particular holiday with in order to sell off as many chinaman-made pot steel products as humanly possible:

But the 10th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death has arrived and not a moment too soon, so....

" Dale was named as the Intimador (Intimidator), and I've never not seen a knife like this..." Todd Boone

"That's raht (right) Todd, last tahm (time) I seen Dale we were standin' by his car holler (hauler) in Atlanta and ole Dale was sahnin' (signing) autoygraffs (autographs) left and raht (right), so's in his memry (memory) Ah'm gonna read off some names of people who've called me and told me hows much they admired Dale and all our knaavs (knives) made fer him. Now don't be upset as I read off them names cuz I'm terrible at misspelling names..."

These are the same folks who came up with the September 11th Commemorative Special, complete with one of the Twin Towers etched on the blade. The same folks who were pushing the SouthWEST Asian War Commemorative Knife right on up till enough Vietnam Vets called to tell them that the war was fought in SouthEAST Asia. We also asked them to learn what the word "commemorative" actually meant, for as far as I know, nary a person aside from Jane Fonda celebrates our loses in Vietnam.

Well, Jane Fonda and Frost Cutlery. If it'll dishonor a veteran or sell a knife. But as Todd is fond of saying, it's all a mute point.

Mr. James A. Frost appears to be keeping time with Mr. Boone for the remainder of the morning, so I do believe I'll VDR the rest and give myself a break from those who cannot read, write, or speak English yet have accumulated untold wealth scamming the ignorant.

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