Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apple Sent CEO To Ask Chinese Factory Not To Kill So Many Workers

After nearly a dozen workers committed suicide at a contract manufacturing facility in China last year, Apple sent then-chief operating officer Tim Cook, now its acting CEO, to visit Foxconn International Holdings and press the company to improve working conditions there, Apple said in a report Monday.
Cook made the trip in June. Details of the visit were contained in the company's annual survey of contractors and suppliers.

So lemme get this straight. China is in essence still a warlord-level society where peasants are thought of in the same breath as lice. Knowing this, companies such as Apple happily do business with the yellow-peril, but every once in a while have to make the journey in order to preach to the masters about how they should be treating their slaves. 

I see. 

Hypocritical sons of bitches. Not that I despise those tree-hugging worms at Apple, but...wait a minute...I DO despise though tree-hugging worms, so they should all die of slow stomach cancers that first withers their balls off.

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