Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And While On The Subject Of Our Little Debbie Dunkers...

Cell phone fascists flaut freedom

As the police car’s lights flashed from behind, Mr. Carpenter wondered, “What could I have done?” He pulled over. The cop walked up to the car and said, “I noticed you were on your cell phone.” A violation of section 23123 is punishable by a $76 fine ($20 for the fine and another $56 for “penalty assessments”) for a first offense.

Mr. Carpenter replied, “With all due respect, I think you’re mistaken. I was not on my cell phone.”

The officer smugly replied, “I saw you. I was right behind you.”

Mr. Carpenter politely responded, “Well, sir, my hand was just at my ear. I’ll show you my call log, if you like.”

The cop said, “Sure, let’s have a look.”

After looking at Mr. Carpenter’s cell phone, and seeing that the last call was at least 20 minutes prior, the officer, disappointment written on his face, said, “I must have been mistaken. But you know that’s the new law, so be careful.”

Mr. Carpenter speculated that the traffic officer was looking to write his first cell phone ticket. Regardless, this exchange shows what can begin to happen as we cede more and more of our personal responsibility to the state. Law enforcement officers begin the long migration from people whose main job is to catch criminals to people who become our keepers - minding our safety, telling us what to do."

...And loving it. After all, whats the point of enlisting in the Dunking Brigade if one cannot lord it over his employers...at will?

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