Tuesday, August 05, 2008

David and Mike Continue to Take On Sebastian, Caleb, And Now Kevin...

Listening to adversarial bloggers sniping at one another is akin to being stuck in the middle of a family feud. We need both sides. The polite majority, as well as the ready to get down and dirty. It'd be quite foolish for anyone to back up Mike V.'s assertion that there need be 3% of the armed populace ready, willing, and able to take arms against law enforcement and perhaps segments of the military. To even report that, yes, there are groups of men awaiting the call, men who've proven themselves and their patriotism, isn't going to happen. Blathering on and on about it...mostly done by those evincing incredulity that any large number of men would stand and fight, is I am sure quite comforting to the enemy.

That's good and bad. Of course we'd like the foe to be as over confident as possible, but on the other hand we don't want the infamous fence-sitters to slink away after being convinced that all they'd be useful for is cannon fodder. Personally, I believe that there are more than 2.4 million men who'd stand up and be counted, but since none of us can speak of a chain of command or rallying points or logistics, the naysayers take that to mean there wouldn't be a chance in hell of seeing an armed response aimed at taking back the country.

Good. If the pragmatists think so then so does the enemy.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Yeah, its been years since you heard someone ancient enough to drag out that old line but its still true. Having seen more than I care to recall, I'm the first to hope for a peaceful conclusion but that just makes the enemy even more emboldened to prove how vastly superior they truly are and how we need to for once and for all be put in our place.

Push comes to shove, there'll be a lot of folks surprised. I'm sure.

The War on Guns, The Smallest Minority, and Call Me Ahab were chief amongst those discussing the matter this day.

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