Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ex-cop pleads guilty

Sunday's No-Donut-For-You, File

"Ex-Jacksonville police officer Aric Sinclair pleaded guilty this afternoon to a conspiracy that led to the death of convenience store owner Sami Safar, drug trafficking and obstruction of justice in exchange for testifying against fellow cop Karl Waldon and in hopes of avoiding a life sentence.

Sinclair could get a break for his cooperation, though the penalty could be enhanced because he committed the crimes as a police officer. He is being held without bond pending sentencing, which has yet to be scheduled. Sinclair could still face a maximum of life, though the agreement allows for a lesser sentence under the federal sentencing guidelines.

Sinclair was charged in 16 counts of a 24-count indictment. Under the plea agreement, 13 counts will be dropped. The counts he was charged with were conspiracy to commit civil rights violations, conspiracy to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to obstruct justice, all under the color of law.

He admitted to providing information that led to the July 3,1998 attack on Safar. Sinclair worked off-duty at Safar's Northside bank. Prosecutors have said Safar was kidnapped by Waldon. who choked him with a rope in the back of a police car after Safar withdrew $51,000 from the bank.

The conspiracy also include the May 15, 1998 robbery of Safar's nephew, Hussam Tahhan, who had $50,000 stolen from him at gunpoint in the same bank parking lot. Sinclair also worked off-duty that day and had two men he recruited rob Tahhan."

Copping a plea, this murderous animal sees his sentence reduced for ratting out another bad egg, but instead of leniency what should be done is attaching double the penalty to cops who've disgraced their uniform.

Something needs being done and soon. This wouldn't stop the crumbs from stealing from those they've sworn to protect, but making abject lessons of the ones apprehended might give the borderline cases something to think about.

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