Thursday, August 07, 2008

Obama And The Pumps

"THE punditocracy is per plexed.

Why isn't Barack Obama trouncing John McCain in the polls?

Some credit the McCain camp's ads ridiculing Obama as a celebrity airhead; others think his overseas trip made Americans feel neglected. But it's more likely that oil prices, not cheering German crowds, are swaying cranky voters.

In 2004, many commentators noted that Bush's approval ratings tracked with gas prices. Gas prices went up; Bush's approval went down.

Few things affect Americans' day-to-day lives as do prices at the pump. They don't have to watch the news or read the paper to learn that things are bad.

And things are bad. An August 1 CNN/Opinion Research poll found that 75 percent of respondents said gas prices are a "financial hardship."

Another pollster, Rasmussen Reports, found recently that McCain is trusted more than Obama on energy by 46 percent. Obama is trusted more by 42 percent. Two months ago, Obama had the edge on the issue.

What happened?

McCain has been chanting "Drill here! Drill now!" while Obama plays the scold, trying to convince a nation suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder to take the long view."

Hussein is a nobody, and while McCain is a crabby old somebody at least he IS a somebody. Since the arab oil embargo of the early '70's, we've been the liberal media and the democrat party...that electric cars and windmills and hydrogen and even corn was going to save us from the perils of crude oil. From digging nasty holes in the ground. From scaring the caribou. Or the fish or the turtles or the mosquitoes.

Right after the arabs invented the gas-line, greenies and socialists and media types promised a relief from dead dinosaur droppings no later than the mid-80's. Only a matter of time. Why, it'll be with us before we can even assemble enough derricks and drills and hire enough roughnecks.

Go nuclear? Hell no. We simply don't need to. By the next millennium we'll be awash in cheap energy, so just hold on and wait.

And the single most unbelievable thing about it all is that some people are falling for the same line of BS.

Liberals don't want us to travel or to exercise too much freedom. A stranglehold on automobiles was the easiest way to keep us home and happy and glued to their televisional powers of persuasion, so for every penny you spend on gas above, oh, lets say 2 bucks a gallon including taxes, you can thank your local lefty. For all of you who voted these traitorous scum into positions of power over us, shut the fuck up about gas prices.

You owe the rest of us far too much to EVER repay, so stop bitching before too many of us remember whose fault it is. But enough folks DO remember all of the above and that's the reason they are not believing some stuttering, lefty, moslem, jug-headed nobody. Islam has been after us for centuries, the commies for quite a while too, and it was a marriage made in hate-America-first heaven.

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