Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Open-Carrier Arrested By Michigan Police For Sheeple-Scaring

"A man was arrested for carrying a gun in the open in the moments leading up to the Coast Guard Festival's fireworks display Saturday night.

The man was carrying a Glock 40 handgun in a holster at his side in downtown Grand Haven, said Lt. Mark Reiss of the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety. The man was disarmed by the officers, arrested on a misdemeanor, issued a 90-day appearance ticket and allowed to leave, Reiss said. His weapon was also confiscated by police.

While Michigan law allows carrying concealed weapons with a permit, Grand Haven has a local ordinance prohibiting openly possessing and carrying dangerous weapons in public, Reiss said. People carrying weapons can be frightening and the department received several verbal complaints about the man, Reiss said.

"It is very dangerous and very frightening to spectators down there," Reiss said. "It simply isn't a place to have a gun."

Where does one even begin to begin...

Well, there's no such animal as a Glock 40. Glock 22's, 23's, and 27's, among others, are platformed in .40 S&W, but many police departments are unaware of this and simply refer to them as Glock Fohties.

Typically, the department spokesdick doesn't know how stupid he sounds when saying that armed men were sent to arrest an armed man because he looked too scary being armed.

The local ordinance might very well trump the state law for all I know, but would only do so were the cops to be ready, willing, and able to enforce so unconstitutional an edict.

Ha. Like the Constitution means anything to these traitorous scum.

The story appeared in a Grand Haven, MI paper, but the link was and remains broken so sorry about that.

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