Friday, August 01, 2008

Police Officer Charged With Having Sex With Teenagers

A police officer whose patrol area included a junior high school has been charged with having sex with two teenage girls.

Richard Corbin, 35, patrolled New Castle Junior-Senior High School as part of his duties, investigators said.

State police said Corbin gave two girls, then ages 13 and 15, a ride in his car and offered them alcohol.

One girl said she had several shots of flavored vodka before having sex with Corbin, authorities said.

Corbin has worked for the New Castle Police Department since 1998.

He was placed on leave.Corbin faces a preliminary hearing Aug. 6 on statutory sexual assault charges."

This is why I am against guns on campus. Being carried by the hired help, that is. Give them a walkie and a uniform. Arm them when the general populace can also be armed, but no special accoutrement's. Yes, I'm aware that that makes me an anti. Anti-gestapo rapist.

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