Friday, August 01, 2008

The War On Guns Gets The Shity End Of Google's Stick...

"Until further notice, WarOnGuns has been blocked by Google from making new posts (let's see if this template page element update works). The message says WoG has been ID'd as a potential "spam blog," which is nonsense. One way this can happen is if persons unknown at this time clicked on the "Flag Blog" link in blog navigation bar.

Regardless, I am effectively dead in the water until this is resolved (had I not responded with an autorequest to look into it, they would have automatically deleted all content within 20 days.)

The suggestion has been made to get off Blogger and into my own domain. I've resisted so far, because I put enough blood, sweat and toil into this without paying for the privilege, but have reserved for such a contingency (a squatter is sitting on the version without the "the"). We'll see--the prospect of buying web design sw and going through the learning curve and then all the work to transfer archives and get things running smoothly does not appeal to me in the least.

Anyway, until further notice I'll be offline--so please hold up on the tips and correspondence if possible. Also, please spread the word about this."

Consider the word spread, David.

Certain parties can't stand facing the light of day. But isn't that the way with ALL cockroaches.

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