Sunday, August 03, 2008

We Get Letters

Guns in locked cars flubbadub, part zillion:

"How can you compare owning a handgun to civil rights as with blacks and other minorities being discriminated...? A gun in a car isn't the same as a black person told to go to the back of the line..."

Okay, I'll type slow. Try to follow, please.

The 2nd Amendment is in the Bill of RIGHTS. It recognizes a basic, inalienable RIGHT. Doesn't GRANT the RIGHT, any more than allowing a person of color to sit in the front of the bus GRANTS him or her the RIGHT to be considered white. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was CLEAR that PROPERTY RIGHTS do NOT trump CIVIL RIGHTS. An entity created for public accommodation MUST not discriminate. Well, it can, but then it gets shut down.

A lot of this rigamorale was supposed to have been put to bed, first centuries ago, then decades past just as a reminder. Now, can people be legally denied their CIVIL RIGHTS?

Sure. Every person in prison is. Fuck up enough and away you go. But just as the insanely stupid "shouting fire in a crowded theater" nonsense, there can be no PRIOR RESTRAINT to any genuine RIGHT, except of course for the RIGHT to bear arms, and we're working on that. Some of us. Mainly the ones with the balls to fight for something they believe in, even if it means being...gasp...rude every now and then. Being nice led to our downfall. There are MORE restrictions on firearms today than ever before, in part because modern law enforcement has gone renegade and joined the enemy. Does not matter WHAT the courts say, what the law reads. The police have been granted enough power and immunity from prosecution as to be created MORE equal than pretty much anyone else.

We've won over some of the courts, convinced some of the politicians, and soon it will be time to fix the law enforcement mess. Bottom line: Trifle with my rights and sooner or later I'm going to remember who is really supposed to be in charge. When enough of us come to the same conclusion then taking the bastards out is definitely on the table.

Even if we have to be rude. The feminization of American men has run its course and time to get back to basics.

PS: If you do not believe that the 2nd Amendment IS a real right to be cherished and fought for, then you've come to the wrong place and no amount of dialogue is going to change your mind. You can still email me or comment about it to your hearts content because to my way of thinking your right of free expression trumps my "ownership" of this web log.

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