Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Brits Set To Eliminate Olympic Shooting Teams

"Anti-gun campaigners have blasted plans to relax firearms laws for our Olympic shooters.

Ministers are expected to let the 2012 pistol squad train in Britain after this year's Beijing Games instead of having to go abroad. But that will mean changing the rules banning all handguns, brought in after the Dunblane school massacre in 1996.

Anne Pearston of the Snowdrop Campaign, which led the drive to outlaw guns after 16 kids and their teacher were killed, said: "A child's life is not worth a medal.

"It took Dunblane for the Government to do the right thing - we can't open the door again."

The idea is to let the squad use secure Ministry of Defence ranges before the London Games. And the powerful Commons Culture and Sport Committee wants gun bans totally axed for shooting teams after 2012.

Gill Marshall-Andrews of the Gun Control Network hit back: "We oppose any kind of change, even for training. Why should we put society at risk for the sake of a few sportspeople?"

Quite true. Let the criminals use knives. Its all the rage, after all. And lets not forget all of those Olympic shooters who've used their guns for criminal purposes.

Okay, there aren't any. But you never know, now do you?

If its at all possible, then ban it. Can't be too careful. Letting down ones guard leads to...to...to...


How quaint. What do they think this is?


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