Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gun rights important to American freedom, but so is responsible ownership

by Joy Franklin

"Proper training and screening would prevent many accidental shootings and suicides. Over time, it might also reduce the number of guns in the possession of criminals.

I know many gun rights advocates oppose licensing. But there must be concessions to the fact that we no longer live in the Wild West.

The Supreme Court established the right of individuals to own guns. That means the federal government, at least, can’t legally confiscate them. It doesn’t mean, and shouldn’t mean, that it can’t require responsible ownership."

I couldn't agree more. After all, only 98.8% of guns will never be used in a crime, and, for example, even though far more cops commit felonies with firearms than do concealed licensees, we've got to somehow, some way, get that number up to respectable levels. And forget for a moment that the Wild West saw fewer criminal acts than the average square mile of any big inner city, because its the hysterical thought that really counts.

You go girl. 100% or nothing. Time for some serious responsible ownership. Can you even begin to imagine if everything had a 98.8% success rate?

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