Saturday, August 09, 2008

Relative of US Olympic coach killed in Peking

BEIJING (AP) -- "A knife-wielding Chinese man attacked two relatives of a coach for the U.S. Olympic men's volleyball team at a tourist site in Beijing, killing one and injuring the other on the first day of the Olympics on Saturday, team officials and state media said.

The man then committed suicide by throwing himself from the second story of the site, the 13th century Drum Tower just five miles from the main Olympics site.

The brutal attack shortly after midday was all the more shocking because of the rarity of violent crime against foreigners in tightly controlled China, which has ramped up security measures even more for the Olympics.

The stabbing came only hours after what by many accounts was the most spectacular opening ceremony in Olympic history and it has already dampened some of the enthusiasm.

"They are deeply saddened and shocked," Darryl Seibel, a spokesman for the U.S. Olympic Committee, said of the volleyball team.

The U.S. Olympic Committee said in a statement that two family members of a coach for the men's indoor volleyball team were stabbed at the Drum Tower "during an attack by what local law enforcement authorities have indicated was a lone assailant."

Seibel said the two Americans who were attacked were not wearing anything that would have identified them as Americans or part of the U.S. team. He could not name the coach.

"They were not wearing apparel or anything that would have specifically identified them as being members of our delegation" or as Americans, he told The Associated Press.

He said it is "too early to say" whether the U.S. delegation or athletes will require additional security.

U.S. Embassy spokesman Richard Buangan said it was aware of an incident involving two Americans and was working with Chinese authorities to find out more. He said U.S. officials were in contact with relatives of the two Americans who are in Beijing.

"Out of respect for the families involved, we can't say more than that," Don Q. Washington, another embassy spokesman, told reporters.

Police blocked off streets leading to the Drum Tower immediately after the attack and cordoned off the area with yellow police tape. Security officers were examining the scene on the tower and below.

Attacks on foreigners in China are extremely rare. A Canadian model was murdered last month in Shanghai, but police said that was because she stumbled onto a burglary.

In March, a screaming, bomb-strapped hostage-taker who commandeered a bus with 10 Australians aboard in the popular tourist city of Xi'an was shot to death by a police sniper.

Shanghai and Beijing are still safer than most foreign cities of their size. Punishments for crimes against foreigners are heavier than for crimes against Chinese, and police-linked neighborhood watch groups are highly vigilant. Chinese are not allowed to own guns."

Olympic Host Country: China Factoids The Yellowstream Media Won't Mention

Peking is one of the most dangerous cities on earth. If displeased by what you are saying, doing, or even thinking, the Chinese government sends armed men to kill you, and since firearms are only permitted in the hands of government lackeys...sort of like Chicago, LA, and NYC...the task is a relatively easy one.

The communist regime has murdered over 70 million of its own citizens, so but of course mayhem leads to mayhem.

I've included the best pic available of the guy who started it all. Back in '76 I had pals in the US embassy and they say the old killer stunk like anyone's business from the first moment they laid him out. From that moment on, the line to see his final resting place is literally miles long, and if you want to be anybody in Peking you'd better be seen on that line on a regular basis.

I've decided that having the Olympics in so horrid a place is actually a good thing. It's important to see the antithesis of America to remind us what we are fighting for.

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