Wednesday, March 23, 2011

America And The Libyan Civil War...

Yemeni forces have fired on protesters. Syrian forces have shot down protesters. Security forces in Tunisia have killed protesters. Why no help for those freedom fighters? What happens when Saudi Arabia royals are forced to use violence to hold power? Or when Iran cracks down on another popular uprising? An argument can be made that stopping the Iranian autocracy would be more consequential to stability and peace than removing Gadhafi—even if he is a few dirham short of a dinar.

Since President Imadimeadozen has assumed office, Iranian news agencies have broadcast over two dozen declarations of war against America proclaimed by this little sicko, so I guess the next time he declares us DOA Emperor Obama will cruise missile his ass back to the sand dune he sprang from.

All together now, let's hold our breath. Not. Even if the citizenry rises up and gets squished by Iranian tank brigades.

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