Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cutlery Cornered

"Now you know what they say, Todd. Give a man a knaaaaaf (sick) and you done made a free-end (friend) for laaaaaf (sick). And he ain't gonna say hows come you didn't gimme a German knaaaaaf (sick). These here knaaaaavs (sick) cut just as good as any does (sick)." James A. Frost.

sic–adverb Latin . so; thus: usually written parenthetically to denote that a word, phrase, passage, etc., that may appear strange or incorrect has been written intentionally or has been quoted verbatim.

Problem is, there is no "sic" for quoting the incorrect spoken word, so from here on in we'll use "sick" to describe the meandering, faulty, and counterfactual deliberations of the folks from Cutlery Corner who speak English just about as well as a gaggle of wetbacks fresh from the border. 

"...and you kin sell these knaaaavs (sick) ta pays for yer gas bill your re-ent (rent), your keepin' yer heat on, the lahts (lights) on, and we sell a lot of these specials to churches too so they kin make ends meet." James A. Frost, grifting hot and heavy for total morons to buy his pot steel then try to re-sell them to even bigger morons. 

We've been shining a light on these cockroaches for some time now, and with a modicum of success. Old Todd and Tom and Man-Hands Sheila and of course Jimmy-Boy Frost hisseff can't help themselves from lying because it comes easy to professional liars, but at least they try to refrain from outright stealing the intellectual property of real knife makers.

made to the specifications of an individual customer (often in the combinations custom-built , custom-made )
"...and here we got this custom knife with the delrin handle and mother of pearl..."

"Custom-made by James A, Frost hisseff..."

"And a Combs-Custom to the first caller picked from a hat..."

Frost Cutlery does not make custom knives. What they do do, is fracture the definition of the word to include anything they've never made before. Catch a crook and he'll struggle to change is MO because at the end of the day its far easier to steal than go to work for a living. 

There is nothing wrong with selling a less expensive knife, or car, or home. What's wrong is lying about the point of manufacture and stealing patents and trademarks instead of taking the time to familiarize oneself about modern steel and designs then focusing upon whatever genuine aspects of individuality is likely to nudge a customer into making a purchase. But along with his penchant for outright thievery, James A. Frost has an ego the size of Sheila's Man-Hands and cannot bring himself to simply tell the truth. A good salesman can sell ice to an Eskimo. A bad salesman can't sell ice in the Mohave desert.

"And the handle of this knife is celluloid and gives a good grip..." Todd Boone

Celluloid is the name of a class of compounds created from nitrocellulose and camphor, plus dyes and other agents. Generally regarded to be the first thermoplastic, it was first created as Parkesine in 1862[1] and as Xylonite in 1869, before being registered as Celluloid in 1870. Celluloid is easily molded    ivory replacement. Celluloid is highly flammable and also easily decomposes, and is no longer widely used.

China and Pakistan and India continue to use various celluloids in place of modern plastics.Not that Todd Boone would know anything about modern plastic or steel or design. 

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