Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cut To The Chase

"Ya know, Jim, there are tahmes I question your facilities..." Tom O'Dell. Speaking to James A. Frost. Tom and Man-Hands Sheila Travis are trying to fill-in for Mr. Todd Boone who is AWOL.

If you're not watching the show you are missing out on some genuine hilarity as Jim, Tom, and giggling Man-Hands fracture the English language beyond all hope of repair. Regional dialects and accents are one thing. Incomprehensible drivel coughed out by borderline "special" folk, is another. 

This past Monday, March 7, was a disaster, as Cutlery Corner aired for all of 30 minutes in ION's 12:30-1:00 PM timeslot...testing the waters for perhaps a daytime version of their show. Todd Boone is so accustomed to running off on one tangent or another...usually complaining about someone or some thing...that Frost Cutlery couldn't have paid for the airtime let alone made a profit. That's why they gut you on shipping and handling. That, and the fact that they are grifters. Since these dolts were only on for so short a time it wasn't worth creating a separate post merely to illustrate Todd Boone's unprofessional-ism.

I DO hope that Mr. Boone returns on the morrow. Jim, Tom, and the Giggling/Screeching Man-Hands are impossible to watch.

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