Monday, March 21, 2011

Dueling Morons

Stuttering Todd Boone: "We sell so many of these, ah, um, customer appreciation specials, Jim..."

Jiggling Jimmy F.:"Ya know, Todd, we've sold close to a million of these sets..."

Stuttering Todd Boone: "Now, ah, um, he means over time..."

Jiggling Jimmy F. :"That's right, over the years, ah, over some..."

Stuttering Todd Boone: "That's right he, ah, means over, ah, time, not all at once... and so many people pay their gas and their electric and ah, their food..."

Jiggling Jimmy F.: " Oh sure, and folks, if you don't think he's wrong then you're incorrect...That's our way of saying how we feel about Americans..."

Stuttering Todd Boone: "Well hey there Jim, since yer feelin' so good how's about givin' me a raise?"
Jiggling Jimmy F.: "Bend over Todd and I'll give you a raise right now..."

Actual words. Simply can't make this stuff up. From a man whose grandchildren watch the program.

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