Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bye-Bye Halo-Scam

My Halo-Scam/Echo account was due to expire March 31 but I beat the scurrilous knaves to the punch and removed them from the premises.

To be honest, Blogger wasn't nearly as glitchy for me as Halo/Echo, and paying for something that flat out doesn't work well is absurd. Commenting can continue uncensored and un-moderated as always.


Fits said...

Test. See. It works.

badanov said...

The NY Times' crap goes behind a paywall tomorrow.

Readers now must pay to be bullsh*tted.

Fits said...

I stopped reading the Times a while ago. This from a born and bred NY'er who'd while away most of the day perusing the hard copy back in the good old days.