Friday, March 11, 2011

Florida Open-Carry Update

Florida Senate Bill 234 was originally intended to:

1) Restore open-carry
2) Strengthen the right to store firearms in private vehicles
3) Allow carry on college campuses
4) Allow the purchase of long guns from non-contiguous states

From the beginning I knew that the campus carry was going down in flames and would never make it out of committee, and sure enough it was dropped from the language contained in the final bill. Few politicians have the stomach necessary to go toe to toe with the University of Florida so that's that.

The other propositions remain and are scheduled to be voted upon on Monday, March 14. If this passes, and to be honest I see too many weak sisters going shaky in the legs, then I can at long last start wearing all of those neat holsters I've been accumulating throughout the years. And most likely get arrested the first time I march into a Game Spot looking for Dragon Age II, with full frontal flaunt of a 4" Ruger GP-100. Whereupon Suzy Soccer-Mom will make one last call to 911 before swooning off into a dead faint. (For those tuning in from Rio Linda, that's a .357 magnum and for those who know my fondness for Double-Tap ammo, it'll be loaded with 158 grainers cranking along at 1400 fps.)

Cousin Joe says if no one is hurt I'll be out in an hour, tops, then he'll sue everyone in sight. But that's not my style. A formal and very public apology will suffice. 

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