Thursday, March 03, 2011

Stuck With Stupid

President Obama Thinks Only HE Can Tinker With Health Care

Isn't it hilarious that Barry Soetoro believes it is just fine and dandy to force the ENTIRE NATION to acquiesce to HIS demands regarding health care, but says that daring to trifle with how TEACHERS do it is off limits?

And all because the Governor of Dairy Land is a nice guy. He was well within his rights to draft an executive order denying public employees the privilege of bitching and moaning about how underpaid they are and force them into landing on planet Earth...something Barry had NO right to do, no right at all...but instead, makes like Mr. Nice Guy and wants the peoples elected representatives to have a say too.

He should'a done it like Barry. But Governor Cheezewhiz wanted to do things aboveboard, not like President Woebegotten and his band of felonious gay blades. Except for Hillary. Metric tons of manly going on there.

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