Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revenge Of The Frosted Flakes

Our mole at Frost Cutlery tells us that whenever we, or anyone else for that matter, gets on the old queen's case...James A. Frost...first off he goes ballistic and then asks for complimentary emails to read on the air in order to placate his enormous ego. Which explains why tonight the old queen is barking out pleasantries sent by braindead sycophants on crack.

In other news:

My cameraperson and I are working on a sharpness test featuring GENUINELY sharp blades versus a representative butter knife pot steel wonder from Frost. We'll haul it on up to YouTube as soon as we work out the kinks. Oh yeah, and am still awaiting Blogger's version of podcasting. The tech folks tells me any day now.

And as always, don't fall for their lies. Frost Cutlery neither makes nor sells CUSTOM knives. To the old queen, every knife with a blade longer than 3" is a Bowie, every grind other than drop or clip point is a tanto, and every knife with a newish handle is a "custom". All several thousand of them.

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