Monday, March 28, 2011

Barry Bonds And The Orchid

Larry Bowers, a leading anti-doping expert, testified about the side effects of steroids, which prosecutors plan to link to the physical changes they say Bonds underwent between 1999 and 2003. One of those physical changes is purported to be the shrinkage of testicles, which Bonds' lawyers insist can be measured only with an instrument called an orchidometer, which measures testicle size.

Ruby asked Bowers about the topic. He replied that he's not an expert.
When Bell takes the stand Monday, she's expected to be asked about the change. That will be one of the many moments to watch in the trial's second week.

Seems like they can measure petty much anything these days, doesn't it?  And what's this with guys named "Barry" reputed to have tiny stones? One need not resort to some super-dee-duper gizmo to detect mini-balls, either. For example, just a peek at president Barry is all it should take.

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