Thursday, March 10, 2011


Should tenure for teachers be part of America's public education system?

Maybe -- I guess it helps keep good teachers, but doesn't it make it hard to fire bad ones? 2.17% (2,762 votes)

Yes -- Tenure is earned, and it's needed to keep teachers in the profession. 5.13% (6,539 votes)

No -- Tenure hijacks the teacher review process. Reward the good teachers, fire the bad ones. 92.22% (117,501 votes)

Other (post a comment) 0.48% (617 votes)

Total Votes: 127,419

Now granted, this poll was taken at Fox News and I'm certain that at dirty places like where the KOS Kids hang, the results would be different. But 92% shows solidarity in the ranks and that is as important as anything else. To participate you may click on the headline link.

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