Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Dumist States In Ameraca

California has one of the worst dropout rates in the country, with nearly 20 percent of the population failing to graduate from high school. In recent years, the state’s approach to fixing this was to artificially inflate the numbers. Besides this, graduating seniors in California scored an average of 1511 on the SATs, placing it in the bottom third of the nation. It was probably a bad sign when, in 2008, it was considered a great accomplishment that the state would work towards getting eighth graders to learn algebra, a common requirement in other states. One of the main bright spots for California was its “gold standard” for higher education, where students would have access to the excellent state colleges at a lower tuition rate. But this too has suffered in recent months.

California currently ranks as the 3rd dumbest state in all the land, but it didn't take a survey for most of us to instinctively realize that. Without cooking the books California might very well be giving Nevada...the dumbest of the dumb...a run for its money, but there's another thing we know about the Land of Fruits & Nuts. They lie. Badly, but that's because they're so dumb.

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