Thursday, March 31, 2011


Before you begin hearing about it from the screaming media Nelly's, let me describe Florida's "Disease Cluster".

That's what the loons are calling areas that appear to have more illnesses than normal, and in Florida's case Palm Beach County reported 4 children with cancerous brain tumors over a two-year period and there is absolutely no environmental reason for it. The "normal" rate for such cancers in that area is 2, so this leads to headlines screaming CANCER RATE DOUBLES IN PALM BEACH!!!

As every last disease specialist...not on the Huffington Post's payroll, that is...will tell you; sometimes people who are prone to illnesses do happen to live rather close to one another.

End of story. The Nelly's have located 13 or 14 or is it 15 such "clusters" across the country and want a Congressional investigation into why sick people are permitted to move next to one another. Or something like that, because they're liberals and I cannot understand a bloody thing they say half the time.

ANY serious illness to a youngster is a tragedy. We just don't need to spend billions of dollars to come to the conclusion that spindly folks shouldn't marry other spindly folks if they want to have robust offspring. Because that's precisely what researchers know for a fact but can't come out and say for fear of being vilified by groups believing that in every instance whereby more than two men dig shovels into the ground at the same point in time, some form of cancer pops out to eradicate the neighborhood.


David said...

These kinds of memes are fostered by

1. Innumerate and subliterate Mass MEdia Podpeople in search of something that "sells" to
2. Innumerate and subliterate sheeple who have spent years lobotomizing themselves with the toxic sludge proffered by the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind and their ilk.

Let me sum up (oh, dear: a "math" term!) with Mark Twain quoting (or perhaps paraphrasing, though he always claimed the comment originated with Disraeli) Benjamin Disraeli:

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

Fits said...

That's pretty much all the loons have going for them. Twisting stats to cherrypick a desired result.