Sunday, March 27, 2011

Docs Decide To Do Away With Bothering Gun Owners

A compromise of sorts was reached between those wanting physicians to keep their noses out of our gun cabinets, and the Brady Bunchers who pressure Docs to lecture patients on the hazards of firearms. 

The full story isn't available yet, but docs agreed not to keep lists of those refusing to listen to their spiel, and the NRA promised not to sue or force the issue on making nosy medical staffs subject to felony counts for being assholes.

Liberal rags disguised as newspapers are already lying about what Bill SB 432 was intended to do, and calling it a win for the 1st Amendment over the 2nd. Yep; they had the stones to say it was their Constitutional right to harangue patients and keep lists for HMO's to screw with people's medical coverage.

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