Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Army Takes Physical Fitness Seriously...For Once

"In an effort to make the physical training more like combat, the new annual “combat readiness” test will include soldiers running 400 meters — about a quarter of a mile — with a rifle, moving through an obstacle course in full combat gear, and crawling and vaulting over obstacles while aiming a rifle. Soldiers also will have to run on a balance beam while carrying 30-pound ammo boxes and do an agility sprint around a course field of cones.

...The tests will be given to all soldiers and officers, including Army Reserves and National Guard, even those recalled soldiers who are now over 60, officials said. Specific gender and age standards are still being worked out, said Frank Palkoska, the head of the Army's Fitness School at Fort Jackson."

Translation: Gals will have far less stringent tests to pass. But will continue to press for combat roles because that is where the rank is so to hell with not being capable of performing at a high level. And as far as the older men, ask yourself this question; how many professional not included because it isn't a sport...are capable of performing at a high level after the age of 40, let alone 50. One of the reasons why I pulled the pin at 43. Had lost two or three steps yet the stamina was still there...marathoners can stick around a lot longer than sprinters... but it's hard to lead from the rear and that's where I found myself slipping towards. Quite the bitch when you say "follow me" then find the next guys in line asshole to bellybutton because the old Top can't find high gear anymore.

You can't keep up...or never could... with the high-speed-low-drag aspect of combat then either find a desk or go home. I applaud the Army's new approach, but "gender and age standards" are absolutely ridiculous.

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