Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cop Shoots Other Cop In Face During Tragic Accident

A plainclothes Nassau County cop responding to a 911 call of masked-man armed to the teeth with "Rambo-style" knives was shot dead last night by an MTA officer in a tragic case of mistaken identity, police sources told The Post. 
The disastrous chain of events began at about 7:45 p.m. when a 27-year-old man -- dressed in Army fatigues and a white hockey mask much like the knife-wielding maniac Jason from the "Friday the 13th" slasher flicks -- began running around the streets of Massapequa Park, officials and witnesses said.
A frightened Theresa Kelly, who lives around the block on Front Street, said the loon pounced on her car while she was trying to back out of her driveway.

"He was smirking and he was laughing. I screamed and he started to walk out of the driveway."
The wacko ran back into his home on Fourth Avenue and barricaded himself in his bedroom, authorities said. Meanwhile, cops rushed the rest of the house's occupants to safety.

But moments later the man -- armed with "Rambo-style" knives -- lunged at the officers and was killed when cops opened fire, authorities said. 

It's not exactly clear what happened next, but an MTA cop who responded from the nearby LIRR station then shot the plainclothes cop in the face, police sources said.

Nassau County police said the shooting was accidental but did not say who shot the officer.
The MTA declined comment.

Now, sit back for a moment and put on your thinking cap. You, staunch and respectable citizen that you are, happen upon a ruckus where several uniformed police officers, and one guy wearing the worst suit you've ever seen and happens to be with these uniformed police officers, have confronted a madman and just shot him deader than the Constitution in a liberal venue.

You: A) Do nothing until you are certain what just transpired. B) Draw your firearm, then shoot the guy wearing the cheapest suit you've ever seen, square in the face.

Then: A) The police tsk-tsk it off as just another "accident", refusing to release your name, or the name of the man you killed. B) Kill YOU dead on the spot or arrest then charge you with homicide or both.

A, and B would be the appropriate responses for anyone possessing half the necessary DNA to be called Homo Sapien.

This is the real reason cops and robbers politicians in liberal cities and states don't want us armed. They figure that since they happen to be so incompetent, we must be incompetent as well.

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