Friday, August 24, 2007

4-day wait may have hunters out of arms

" It's the dove slaughterers who should be the most indignant.

But everyone else should be outraged over this situation. For if our constitutional right to blast a bunch of birds out of existence with the weapon of our choice is rescinded -- even temporarily -- what constitutional right suddenly vanishes next?

...a wait of several days before buying a firearm will seem interminable to people accustomed to obtaining one in about 19 minutes.

That's how long it took me to buy one in April, after the Virginia Tech massacre, when I became curious as to how long such transactions typically take in Pennsylvania."

Gotta give a guy credit when he's upset that it took so short a time to acquire a shotgun, because this is obviously some deep-seated fear that he'll do something illegal with the weapon. Can't see any other reason he'd be emphasizing the point that his purchase came on the heels of the korean-killer's rampage. This is good citizenship at its finest; someone begging the government to ban him from owning guns, and all mentally disturbed persons should take note and act accordingly.

The gist of the remainder of this poorly written tale is his disagreement with, as the headline suggests, any 4-day waiting period to purchase a gun. Means he does believe that others would be unduly put out by such a law, others far more trustworthy I guess than he is, or why complain about how easily he walked out with his weapon?

Man's got to know his limitations, so kudos to Mr. Heyl. Now if he'd only recuse himself from writing about the subject, it'd be a genuine public service indeed.

Thanks to The War on Guns.

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