Friday, August 31, 2007

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Any discussion involving the use of deadly force by law abiding civilians
with concealed firearms licenses is founded in the proposition that a
handgun is a defensive weapon.

There are large bore rifles that will easily kill a human being at 1000
yards (more than ½ a mile) when the person shot cannot under any fact
pattern rationally be averred to be a threat to the shooter. There are
shotguns that can literally cut a person in half or impact multiple targets
at greater ranges. There are assault weapons that will empty a 20-cartridge
rifle magazine in 3 seconds and spray an entire room with lethal,
high-velocity rounds. There are machine pistols that will fire 20- to
30-round magazines of 9mm or .45 ammunition in seconds and destroy
everything in sight. These are offensive weapons. The sole "raison d' etre"
is to kill, and their use involves an entirely different philosophical
analysis requiring a totally divergent conglomeration of answers.

Irrespective of the caliber of the cartridge for which the weapon is
chambered, the sole purpose of a handgun is to put an assailant on the
ground and to immediately stop the threat. Such use is generally confined to
short distances, as according to the FBI shooting statistics, something like
85% of the gunfights every year take place at 21 feet or less, and most are
at less. The average number of rounds fired by both sides is something like
3.8, almost never expending all of the cartridges in the cylinder or

Sounds like someone with absolutely no knowledge of firearms doing the best he can to make it seem otherwise.


"Shotguns can cut a man in half..." has lost all vestige of credibility and isn't getting it back anytime soon.

Everything else is pretty much an attempt to dazzle the un-knowledgeable by emphasizing the painfully obvious.

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