Sunday, August 26, 2007

Alls Not Well In Ill-Annoy

Residents Fear Their Guns May Be Taken Away

(URBANA)---"Some people in Champaign County are afraid their guns will be taken away. That's why pro-gun advocates are trying to get a resolution passed that would promise the 2nd amendment would be protected. People say they feel Chicago and Cook County is trying to run the rest of the state of Illinois. That's because Cook County put a gun ban into effect this past February on long guns, like rifles and shotguns. The ban says people can't even have the guns in their own home. Some people in Champaign County feel that's unconstitutional, and they went to the county board meeting Thursday night to speak up before the ban moves south.

"I don't understand how one county can do that to their citizens." Says Guns Rights Advocate Valinda Rowe "Then turn around and try to do it to the rest of the state. We've got to take a stand."

They did try and take that stand as around a dozen people spoke at the meeting, urging county board members to pass a resolution, saying Cook County's ban is unconstitutional. They'll have to wait though, because the board tabled the issue.

29 counties in the state have already passed an anti-gun ban resolution, people at the meeting hope Champaign County becomes the 30th to do so."

Dream on. Fact is Cook County accounts for nearly half of the entire state of Ill-Annoy's population, and guess what.

What Cook County wants, all of Ill-Annoy eventually gets. And where the hell were you folks back when Cook was just beginning to jackboot their own citizens? Oh, it was okay for Cook residents as long as it didn't spread, eh?

And what does "the board tabled the issue" tell you? Or the fact that the yellowstream media is referring to you as pro-gun advocates and not once takes on Cook County as being anti-2nd Amendment.

Yeah I'm pissed it took you so long and maybe there is a chance of saving the rest of Ill.

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