Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Only Ones Having Sex On The Job Enough...

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — "Five police officers and another police employee could lose their jobs after being accused of having sex with a female dispatcher at police headquarters, The Grand Rapids Press reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed person close to the investigation.

City Manager Kurt Kimball on Tuesday confirmed to The Associated Press he had suspended some workers without pay and ordered a discharge hearing for them at the recommendation of outgoing police Chief Harry Dolan. The workers last week had been suspended with pay.

Kimball would not say why the employees were being disciplined, only that there was an investigation.

No date was set for the discharge hearing but it typically takes about two weeks to arrange for one, Kimball said.

He declined to confirm the number of affected employees. The city's labor relations manager, George Childers, earlier said four to six employees from the police department had been placed on leave.

David Leonard, president of the Grand Rapids Police Officers Association, said the five police officers being disciplined will fight Dolan's plan to fire them. The union does not represent the sixth suspended employee.

"I do think the action they've taken is too severe," Leonard told the newspaper Tuesday. "I don't believe this is minor; there should be discipline. But this is a rule violation that does not rise to the level of termination."

Nah, let 'em slide, eh Davey? Anywhere else you get caught having sex at work, and poof, you're history, but these are, after all, ONLY ONES we're talking about, so THEY should get SPECIAL treatment.

I'd really and truly like to know the exact moment in time when law enforcement came to the conclusion it was above the law, and better than you and me. Because I think it must have been something akin to an epiphany, some bolt out of the blue or message from above that turned law abiding cops into little Hitler scumbags. Maybe even some Andromeda-Strain virus heretofore unknown that infects such men and removes all shreds of common decency. Might even be the same one that liberals catch because there's sure a lot of it going around.

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